Hooters for Marines

So today I was scrolling around facebook and was suggested to check out hooters for Marines. Well because of hooters I thought it was a facebook page that was dealing with the restaurant and thought it was for coupons or something. So the icon came up with a pic that look like a red shirt with the Marines on it with a big ass gap between some letters. I then was like I need to see what the fuck this is exactly. So yeah you know it I click on it and then found out it a facebook page where females can upload pics of there tits for supporting the troops. They do have to follow some rules and so don’t the fans of this page. They can’t stock the people who post pics ect. I would suggest in order to stop yourself from being followed by some person would be to submit the pic to the admin and have them upload them. This would be anonymous and cause the females who use their facebook accounts not to be stocked.  This was a good idea and I’m surprised it hasn’t hit the news yet as far as someone asking them to stop doing it and showing  there tits.  I don’t think it’s a problem but maybe some females find it offensive or shallow that females are so easily to show what they got. I’m sure there are some that actually support the idea and thanks it’s the least they can do for the people who are serving the country.


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I'm 28 years old. I'm currently from the state of Maine. I was born in Springfield MA. I'm going to college to be a web design and developer and have self taught myself almost everything I know now. I'm a big online gamer in the games of Call of Duty 4 and Counter Strike. I serve my country in the Marines and have deployed. View all posts by finney3

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